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Just recently a close friend brought something to my attention.... that my drawing abilities should be shared with others! With time to think things over..... This is what I've decided

Here is is!..... I'm adding a service that I feel VERY compelled to offer! "PRECIOUS "PET" MOMENTS & MEMORIES" This service is to those who, like my husband and I, cherish our loyal pets! I am so excited to introduce this to my website family and audience..... If you are interested in having a picture drawn, I'm the one for the job! Here is why.....

We all have or have had a pet who has meant sooo much to us..... a friend that knows nothing but "Unconditional Love" never wanting to leave our sides ~ always anticipating our returns..... If you are one of those "Very Fortunate" individuals who have experienced such an awesome "LOVE"..... You have come to the "RIGHT" place! As I have experienced the same. I've had many family members and friends who have lost their special pets and would like to hang on to those moments! I've been contemplating what to draw (as I love) and I've just realized why it's been a decision that has taken me to this point ~ Today, my sweet niece delivered some very saddening news that she lost her..... "Very Special Friend", just this afternoon..... as I have just this very moment realized what my gift is..... "PRECIOUS PET MOMENTS & MEMORIES" ~ I'm a lover of the Precious Moments Art, this title is PERFECT for the cause!

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