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Shop Owner Frequently Asked Questions




How do I register as a Shop Owner on PeoplesWarehouse.com?

As we intend everything to be with PeoplesWarehouse, easily!

  • Simply navigate to the website and click on “Create Shop”.
  • Complete the particulars about you and your business.
  • There are no listing or hidden fees. Peopleswarehouse is a completely free site
  • Confirm your acceptance of the “Vendor Agreement”.
  • You will need an email  ID and access the internet to load and administer your products on our site.

That’s it!

Do I have to sign a contract?

No.  Really!  Your agreement to ethical marketing and supply of your products is your word and that’s good enough for us.  PeoplesWarehouse.com reserves the right to remove vendors who do not live up to the “Vendor Agreement” and do not provide good service to their customers.

How will I be paid?

You will be paid directly by the shopper. Payment arrangements should be made between you and the shopper (check, Cash,Paypal, etc.)

Will there ever be a hosting fee?

There are very few certainties in life but no hosting fee for products illustrated with straight text and still pictures on PeoplesWarehouse.com is one of them!  Some vendors have spoken to us about desiring to have video of their products on the site.  We will not initially support this and reserve the possibility of charging for video of products due the significant increase in storage space and internet bandwidth this will consume.


What is the process to get my products on your site?

First, you must register as an e-shop owner with PeoplesWarehouse.com.

Next, you will need text and digital photos of your products you wish to list with us.  The photos should be 640X480 or less  resolution and the text should be no more than “50” words.

Through the Shop Admin section of the site you will upload your picture and text for each of your products.  It is a simple process that does not take a long time.

Set the availability quantity and backorder level for each of your products so that you can accept orders at a pace comfortable for you to produce your product(s) to meet the demand.

What if I'm already selling on the Web?

Good for you!  We offer you an additional venue at essentially no risk so if you aren’t selling all you can make, why not list with us, too? You can point products added to PeoplesWarehouse to your other websites.    That translates into traffic that other crafts oriented sites are not able to supply. You can also point your products in our site to yours.

Is there a minimum number of my products which must sell to remain a Member?

PeoplesWarehouse.com is a patient group of people.  You will likely tire of listing your non-performing products before we ask you to “prune” them!

How is PeoplesWarehouse.com different from other online shopping malls?

Free hosting.

Free Listings

What if orders exceed my quantities?

You will be able to limit the number of orders accepted per month to match your production level and you can post an “On Vacation” notice if you will not be producing for a period of time.  You are in control of your business.

Will I have unlimited access to update my product's listing?

Yes.  We provide the tools with which you can manage your listings yourself via an internet connection.  Your “shop” in our electronic marketplace is yours to set up as you prefer, just like when you exhibit at a local crafts event.

I ship from my home - - what if I'm not available to take orders?

You do not need to be home to receive orders.  We will send you your orders via email.  You need only regularly check your email for orders from us.

If you will be unavailable for a period of time you can set an “On Vacation” notice to not take orders while you are away.

Can PeoplesWarehouse.com list my products under more than one category?

You may choose the categories (plural) that you feel best represent your products.  PeoplesWarehouse.com reserves the right to review product listings for appropriateness and recommend changes for products that seem to be inappropriately or misleadingly listed.




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