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About Us

About Us

PeoplesWarehouse is dedicated to making E-commerce a viable alternative for home craftspeople and other vendors who want to market their unique products or services on an equal basis with major manufacturers using sophisticated web technology.

By PeoplesWarehouse technologically enabling you, you can focus on what you do best and PeoplesWarehouse will do the rest. We can offer a controlled growth program using our sophisticated software technology to sell as few or as many items as you can effectively produce as your business continues to grow. You decide!

Our mission is to provide a marketplace venue to vendors to gain access to millions of internet shoppers, .

PeoplesWarehouse invites you to sell your products with absolutely no overhead hosting cost to you:

You will have your own personalized Website in PeoplesWarehouse.

We will email the shop owner each time someone orders one of your products.

We will process the order and notify the shop through email you want to purchase their product.

PeoplesWarehouse will notify the seller of a new order upon receipt of the order by the shopper. If at all possible, the seller should include the shipment tracking order number on the online order form when completing the order on our website. The buyer will then get a confirmation email notifying them that the shipment is on it's way.

To order products from you the customers will simply use our shopping cart technology and PeoplesWarehouse will forward the order particulars to you for fulfillment.


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